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The Top 10 Best Sports Betting Sites Online


If you’re looking for a sports betting site that is trustworthy and offers you the best chance of winning, all hope is not lost, and there’s a reasonable list to choose from. Also referred to as sportsbooks, the following sites are graded on many aspects of their companies, which allows both you and us to make a decisive decision on which to choose as the ultimate sports betting site.

The following list of sites also ticks a lot of boxes, which all range from reputation, security for their users, regular bonuses, and free betting offers.

The List: The 10 Best Sports Betting Sites Online

#1 Bovada

Looking for the best? Well, Bovada is the place to be. The site accepts U.S. players, is excellent in all coverage of U.S. sports, and has a unique live betting platform for U.S. betters.

This sports betting website was found in 2007 and has been extremely successful in Northern America. It’s all due to their excellent coverage of all major sports leagues in the country. It also houses a very high-quality Racebook and is available on your mobile device too.

#2 Ladbrokers

With some of the highest betting limits, solid outright odds and their betting exchange, another one to leave a huge impression, is Ladbrokes.

This site is well-known for having a lot of strengths, and they also have some of the best prices in the entire industry.

They are a UK company and is available in many countries around the world. They also have more than 70,000 in-play events annually, which is quite impressive for a sports betting site.

#3 Coral

This sports betting site is a very reputable operator, offers enhanced prices on their favourite sports betting sites, offers some of the best promotion, as well as the top odds on both teams to score the best bets.

As another UK based company, they have taken the online gaming market by storm and have aggressive marketing strategies in place, all to provide high-value promotions and keep their users 100% satisfied with their online betting experience.


#4 Betfair

Offering the world’s biggest betting exchange and the best betting odds, Betfair also offers excellent tutorials for those who are just starting out with betting.

They have a unique marketing strategy, which allows them to offer the best prices, all while covering a wide range of sporting events across the world. They also offer a free bonus of 100% for up to $60.

#5 William Hill

As a sports betting site that has one of the best reputations in the world, as well as the best betting applications in its industry, William Hill is undeniably one of the most amazing sports betting sites you’ll find online.

The site also has more than 200 markets per match and a 100% bonus of $30.

#6 Betfred

Founded as far back as 1967, you best know that BetFred knows what they’re doing when it comes to online betting. With decades of experience and an amazing track record of keeping up with all the latest developments, Betfred also offers a Goals Galore Coupon, a Double Delight promotion and free match previews.

#7 888sport

Offering you great value for your money and very good prices, along with the best promotions, this is a very good site if you’re looking for something that a little more relaxed when it comes to sports betting.

They offer an Acca Club for free bets weekly, the ability for you to cash in on bets early, as well as enhanced prices on your bets.

#8 BetOnline

Lining up the best North American sports competitions, all including NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB, BetOnline offers a lifetime of bonus guarantee of 25% and a $25 free play for all live betting.

They also offer a 25% free bonus on up to $900.

#9 BetVictor

Get industry-leading odds prices, betting bundles with incredible odds, as well as money back specials on a regular basis, when you sign up for BetVictor. You’ll also be able to rest assured, knowing that you’re betting on one of the beset reputable sites online.

#10 Mansion Bet

With more than 30 sports bets, this site might seem smaller than its competitors, but it’s worth giving it a shot.

It provides you with 50% bonuses for up to 50 and even though a lot of their bets are focused on football divisions, they also offer casino betting and games,

How to win at online betting in 10 easy steps


Betting on sports online has become an incredibly big and lucrative industry over the past few years. It is not only considered a fun thing to do, but is also rewarding to win some cash, yet not as much as losing some too. Nevertheless, it’s an adored hobby, by individuals all over the world.

There are many methods to make money with sports betting. It starts with understanding betting strategies, the tricks thereof, as well as the many different types of wagers, and bets; you can make.

When you engage in online betting, it’s also important to make bets that are smart, and not just rush into it. Successfully betting online, can earn you loads of money with one single game alone.

10 Steps to Win at Online Betting Games

#1 Open a Bank Account

The first thing you should do is open a bank account that isn’t related to your initial bank account. To make money with sports betting, you must have some higher level of dedication for placing bets.

Having a separate bank account will allow you the ability to invest enough money that will cover your bankroll for not just one game, but as many as you plan on playing. Be sure to invest enough money in your bank account.

#2 Create Accounts with Multiple Sportsbooks

If you’d like to place bets, having an account with up to three sportsbooks, is a great idea, as this will allow you to compare offerings and place bets strategically, accordingly.

#3 Make Smart Bets

Now, of course, you must make smart bets, but you can only do so by following the rules that go along with it. For instance, there are usually a few teams that are in high demand to bet on, and even though it might seem interesting to you to move on from them, it’s good to stick with what you know in the case of betting.



#4 Create a Betting Schedule and Don’t Bet on the Bad Ones

If you’re thinking of betting on every game that comes your way, don’t. You should pick the ones that are most probable to bet on and add them to your schedule. Betting on too many bets might seem smart, but could have you losing a lot of money too.

online bet

#5 Bet Sober

If you’re going to bet, be sure to bet with a clear mind and not in any state that involves your emotions whatsoever.

#6 Understand Money-lines

Don’t be the fool that just bets on anything, know your craft before you bet. With sports betting, it’s essential to understand money-lines, so be sure to study these before you enter any bet.

#7 Learn What is Point Spreads

Point spread betting refers to popular games that generally have a bigger gap between final scores. It involves not only betting on whether our team will win, but also by a specific amount.

#8 Understand Parlays

Parlay betting is when you make multiple types of bets on a single game. Such bets promise big pay-outs and require a lot of accuracies.


#9 Shop the Best Lines

Have accounts with several sportsbooks, as mentioned previously, as this will allow you to scout better money lines on the same games.

#10 Understand the Key: Probability

If you bet with your head, instead of the team you’re hoping for to win, you’ll be able to make a far more decisive decision and bet on numbers, which will ultimately lead to winning.